List of Accepted Papers

(in no particular order)

  1. Exploring Discriminatory Features for Automated Malware Classification

    G. Yan, N. Brown, D. Kong

  2. Driving in the Cloud: An Analysis of Drive-by Download Operations and Abuse Reporting

    A. Nappa, M. Rafique, J. Caballero

  3. Weaknesses in Defenses Against Web-Borne Malware (Extended Abstract)

    G. Lu, S. Debray

  4. PeerRush: Mining for Unwanted P2P Traffic

    B. Rahbarinia, R. Perdisci, A. Lanzi, K. Li

  5. Preventing Backdoors In Server Applications With A Separated Software Architecture (Extended Abstract)

    F. Schuster, S. Rüster, T. Holz

  6. SMS-based One-Time Passwords: Attacks and Defense

    C. Mulliner, R. Borgaonkar, P. Stewin, J. Seifert

  7. HeapSentry: Kernel-assisted Protection against Heap Overflows

    N. Nikiforakis, F. Piessens, W. Joosen

  8. Securing Legacy Firefox Extensions with Sentinel

    K. Onarlioglu, M. Battal, W. Robertson, E. Kirda

  9. Early Detection of Outgoing Spammers in Large-Scale Service Provider Networks

    Y. Cohen, D. Gordon, D. Hendler

  10. Towards the Protection of Industrial Control Systems - Conclusions of a Vulnerability Analysis of Profinet IO

    A. Paul, F. Schuster, H. König

  11. ProVeX: Detecting Botnets with Encrypted Command and Control Channels

    C. Rossow, C. Dietrich

  12. PreparedJS: Secure Script-Templates for JavaScript

    M. Johns

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