Capture the Flag

Our CTF partner n.runs is organizing a CTF contest that can be played during the DIMVA conference. Here is the most important information:


The CTF starts at 8:00pm on July 17 and ends at 4:00pm on July 19.


Anybody willing to play is welcome. Please proceed to and complete the registration. Registration will be open in a few days and still will be during the CTF time frame. You will need to provide a PGP public key, later on it will be used to encrypt and sign the flags (solutions).


  • This is a level based CTF, there is no attack and defense and it has challenges of different levels so anybody can enjoy playing it.
  • The CTF is designed to be played individually. Nevertheless we know we cannot avoid teams playing too.
  • Do not attack the infrastructure holding the CTF levels. Do not attack other players.
  • Brute force and resource exhaustion on the server side is not needed to solve levels and is discouraged. Submission brute force is not allowed.
  • Common sense and fair play :)
  • CTF will take place during DIMVA 2013, the exact time frame will be provided soon.
  • Sharing solutions between different users is not allow and will result in disqualification, play as a team then.
  • In case of a tie, a write-up of the levels will be required and the best write-up will win the prize. The player will have 5 days since the end of the CTF to provide it. The write-up will be evaluated by n.runs and one member of the DIMVA Committee.
If you have a GNUPG/PGP 0day, please use it and send a flag with it ;)


1. Nexus 7 3G   -   2. Raspberry Pi   -   3. Raspberry Pi

To be eligible for a prize the player will have to meet one of these two requirements:
  • being a DIMVA attendee
  • being able to provide a student status proof

Finally, members of the DIMVA organization, n.runs and other sponsor employees are neither eligible for prizes but free to play.

Have fun!

The n.runs security team
dimvactf at nruns dot com

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